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Corporate Training Solutions

As a team, our primary focus is to assist our clients in revolutionising their industry.

Summit, part of the Invictus Education Group, a Level 1 BBBEE provider, is a turnkey learning solutions provider and consultancy that hosts an award-winning content development house.

For over a decade, we have proudly helped our clients discover a better way to approach their learning and development goals.

Summit is a turnkey learning solutions provider, a consulting business, and delivery partner for one of the world’s most innovative learning platforms, Fuse.


By reframing our business approach, we have been able to train over 35 000 people across the hospitality, food services, retail, gaming, mining and franchise operations sectors in South Africa.

How we partner with you

We understand that every business and its employees are different; and so, each plan should be specifically tailored. We create cohesive, custom solutions that drive the performance you need.

How we

We are passionate about learning and development and its broader impact on employee engagement. As a result, we are consistently exploring and discovering ways to develop fresh, innovative, engaging and effective methods.
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How we lead

We strive to revolutionise the learning and development industry and highlight its impact on the success of companies all over the world. In doing this we’ve committed to creating a resource hub of industry-leading insights, guides and case studies.