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Our Training Development Approach

We Reframed Our Business So We Could Revolutionise Yours

Engaging, effective, and scalable training and development.

We combine engaging creative content, interactive technology and human touch points to inspire participants on their learning journey. Completely flexible employee training solutions delivered anywhere to fit around you and your people. Wherever you or they may be, it is the perfect blend for the next generation and the new world of learning.

Training methodologies & programme collections:

80+ In-demand and innovative programmes available


Quality content (alone) isn’t enough. Our marketplace content model ensures we always have the most relevant and unrivalled content that delivers excellent results. We ensure that we always incorporate the latest skills for the most relevant topics, which your employees need to stay ahead of the curve.

Classroom Training

This can be arranged at public venues or onsite training sessions supported by a facilitator. These classes are in-person practical and include interactive learning.

Blended / Virtual Training

These sessions allow for live, interactive, and flexible learning that takes staff out of the workplace. It is a cost-effective learning methodology that can be used from anywhere and is adaptable to our client’s business needs. Summit can assist with devices and data to support infrastructure needs.

Short learning programmes

This can be arranged at public venues or onsite training sessions supported by a facilitator. These classes are in-person practical and include interactive learning.

Accredited skills programmes

These 3–6 month programmes offer intensive, on-the-job training that specialises in a specific discipline. The theory and skills development components of these programmes are conducted as block release sessions, supported by periods of workplace application and validation. A formative assessment will take place during the block release periods, and a Final Integrated Summative Assessment (theory and practical) will occur towards the end of the training period.

Learnership programmes

Learnerships are integrated and comprehensive learning programmes which lead to various qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Learnerships are directly related to a specific occupation or field of work. These one-year programmes are completed via a combination of block release (knowledge attainment and skills development), as well as work placement. Every month, learners are released from their workplace to attend a week of theory and skills training with the training provider. A Portfolio of Evidence (POE) is then developed throughout the year with monthly formative assessments by learners.

Easy to use, robust & scalable

The Summit Fuse Learning Experience Platform (Fuse LEP) is an integrated platform that connects employees and enables them to learn where and when they can. The platform is interactive, online and agile enough to deliver purpose-driven content to keep the learner coming back for more.

Summit Fuse is designed to enable social activities as well as curate learning content specific to the unique needs of the learner. The social learning aspect includes uploading their own videos and links to interesting articles which in turn creates content for all learners within the community.

Fuse LEP is predominantly used as a learning management platform, but with added benefits.


  • Cloud based
  • Responsive design
  • Support
  • Custom branding
  • Learner profile retention

Focused on achieving concrete results, our approach aims not only to transmit knowledge, but also to shape the desired behaviours over a long-term basis. At the forefront of knowledge and innovation, we design highly engaging and effective courses with measurable performance.

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