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Why Learning Can Drive Your Company’s Profitability

The learning and development department in any business is extremely important. The truth is that learning should be maximising profitability across the whole business, plain and simple. Learning and Development holds the key to making every individual, every employee, perform at their optimum. 

Stronger companies are being built and are driven by people who are using learning as fuel to drive their knowledge, intelligence, and career paths.

In order to have an effective metric to measure the effects of Learning and Development, take a look at its effects on profitability:

  • As a business, decrease the amount of learning platforms your employees use and instead make use of a common learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere in a hybrid workforce. This will save costs and improve profitability almost instantly.
  • For learning to drive profitability reliably and consistently, it has to be continuous and habitual. Implement metrics such as completion rates, consumption of content and levels of interaction between employees.
  • Change the learning and development content source. Instead of using external content creation, make use of the impeccable knowledge and skills of inbound thought leaders.
  • Implement a ‘learning in the flow of work, at the point of need’ approach to learning for all employees. This will assist them in refreshing their understanding of products or services and will enable them to look for answers to problems. Employees will actively be looking for new knowledge.
  • Ensure employee learning is changed to learning on the go, in bite-sized amounts, via mobile devices. When people don’t have to dedicate vast time commitments to training, they can focus on providing valuable services for customers that can and do affect the bottom line.

In a post-pandemic era where many employees are adapting to the changing world of work, it’s not enough for learning to be a nice-to-have, or a promoter of good knowledge transfer or employee engagement. Learning in any organisation that affects the bottom line positively is an achievable and measurable reality.

Summit offers the world-class Fuse Learner experience platform. Fuse connects employees with bite-sized learning resources that are structured for mobile learning – anywhere and at any time.

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