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Why consider learnerships for your business?

Learnerships are vocational training and educational programmes to facilitate the link between structured learning and work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification that places a person in good stead to become gainfully employed.

A vital cog in the machine of eradicating youth unemployment in South Africa. In a country with more than 60% unemployment amongst black youth, this is a step in the right direction. With that being said, government is focused on finding ways to partner with and make it more attractive for business to help solve this issue.

Tell me about the benefits

Summit is in business to partner with South African organisations in order to help them realise the benefits that learnerships can have on their bottom line, as well as the positive impact on BBBEE scorecards.


  • Your business will automatically qualify for a tax rebate of up to R80 000 (R40 000 on registration and R40 000 on completion).
  • You can claim back the learnership fee from the Skills Development levy you pay each month by submitting to Work Place Skills Plan and Annual Training Report (WSP/ATR).
  • Applying for additional SETA discretionary funding specifically designed to address the skills gap within the industry is attainable as long as it addresses a critical shortage.


  • You can address your company’s succession planning and skills development, with the needed support from a training provider such as Summit.
  • Upskill your employees with a SAQA-accredited qualification.
  • Create a pool of qualified people to absorb back into your workforce.
  • Create an environment where workers feel motivated and thereby reduce churn rate.
  • Limited time out of the office is required to complete the RPL learnership (maximum of seven days).


  • Add 25 points to your BBBEE scorecard within the parameters of Skills Development.
  • Gain bonus points if you employ a previously unemployed person that has completed the learnership in the following year.
  • Claim back the costs of training (including meals, travel, stationery, etc) and 12-months of salary towards your Skills Development spend target.
  • When you provide learnerships to employees from suppliers or black-owned companies, you are provided with funding for learnerships and you get enterprise development points.

It’s important to also note that learners will need to be paid a stipend which is also claimable towards your BBBEE points. The benefits to your business are immeasurable both from a financial and a BBBEE perspective. However, over-and-above the obvious benefits, there is the added element of being able to positively contribute and participate in addressing the skills shortage in the country. 

About Summit

Summit, part of the Invictus Education Group, is one of South Africa’s leading private education and training institutions. Summit focusing on staff training across the broader business industries across South Africa. We are passionate about training, quality and customer experience. We work with clients throughout South Africa and other African countries, and we are confident in our training programmes. We guarantee the success of our training, and thereby support your business and your staff to succeed and improve through our innovative learning interventions and bespoke solutions.

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