The World Of Work Is Changing, Are You?

In 2021, workplaces are all about swift skill building at scale. Companies need skilled and knowledgeable employees.

According to Fuse Universal, these are the top 5 ways to approach learning in the future:

  • Breaking knowledge out of the box

Traditional learning locks knowledge inside courses and content and time-consuming handbooks, this creates a barrier to accessing what you need.

SOLUTION: Think of your “corporate brain” as having a central hub of information for all corporate knowledge such as videos, training, procedures, and processes, as well as historical information in one easy to search place. Create a culture of ‘Knowledge Intelligence’.

  • Create a consumer-grade search or personalised experience

Employees measure your workplace tech not just against other workplace applications, but against every app they use. The problem is, the content from apps on their phones are often generic, not directly related to the person’s role and job or the context of their workplace.

SOLUTION: Build intelligent search into your corporate brain. Use natural language, Google-like and consumer-grade language that understands who the user is, what their intent is, and then combining that with the Knowledge Intelligence Engine, to automatically filter that ultimately gives you a hyper personalised search.

  • Expand your corporate brain using third-party knowledge

TED Talks puts out 2 600 events per year and it continues to grow. LinkedIn has over 5 000 courses available. The thought of getting your employees access to all of that is near impossible.

According to LinkedIn, the top priorities for Learning and Development are:

  • Leadership and management learning
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Virtual onboarding

SOLUTION: Grow your corporate brain with great external knowledge. Complement your experts’ tacit knowledge with the best from external providers. Use Knowledge Intelligence connectors to unlock the knowledge inside these libraries to search and find answers in the flow of work.

  • Get to the point fast

After you pump all this knowledge into the corporate brain, finding what is relevant and important can be a whole other challenge.

SOLUTION: Use knowledge intelligence to get directly to the answers needed. There is a lot of value in delivering hyper personalised micro- and macro-recommendations, and most importantly, providing them in context and in the flow of work. By doing this, you can take that search time and turn it into actual work time because you give employees access to information that helps them do their job.

  • Lower barriers, raise performance

Knowledge can’t just exist in learning applications apart from your work. It needs to be inside the applications where your everyday work happens.

SOLUTION: Extend your corporate brain into the flow of work using predictive performance support by providing knowledge and answers in the flow of work. By offering predictive performance support, your employees will be more engaged, and can grow and learn at a pace that meets the needs of their position.

As the pace of work accelerates and hybrid working adds to the complexity, employers need to put knowledge to work to enable employees to develop essential skills. Your employees need to know what your SMEs know. If you can unlock this tacit knowledge efficiently, you can dramatically increase everyone’s productivity.

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