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Swift Skill Building At Scale – Learning In The Flow Of Work

Digital learning for businesses is failing to keep up when employees need knowledge most – in the flow of work. The result is lost productivity and a disengaged workforce.

The team at Summit is really proud to be the exclusive license holder in Africa to the Summit FUSE learning experience platform. It provides engaging opportunities that enable users to learn through work experience and from one another.

Learning in the workplace can present its own set of challenges. Up to one entire day a week can be lost by employees looking for answers to questions. And up to 15 weeks of productivity can be lost each year by subject matter experts (usually your best employees) helping other people learn.

To simplify the process of learning while doing, Summit Fuse focusses on the learner’s experience by using innovative and interactive visual learning methodologies.

Businesses want and need microlearning that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and that is succinct in addressing performance gaps, upskilling the workforce and developing teams. The Summit Fuse Learning Experience Platform delivers exactly that.

It’s interactive, online and agile enough to deliver purpose-driven content by using animation, virtual reality, videos, interactive games and much more, to keep the learner coming back for more.

Today’s blended learning combines the best of two worlds, face-to-face training and online environments while integrating several learning approaches, including e-Learning, mobile technologies, gamification, and virtual environments. Why not explore this concept and upskill your employees in the process?

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