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Summit Outperforms Peers At The Annual HR Standards And Audit Awards

Summit’s very own Paula Bell received an accolade for outstanding digital learning practices from the SABPP (South African Board for People Practices).

The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) exists to ensure that HR, as a profession, adheres to best practices and increasingly becomes a recognized and respected profession.

As such, Summit’s ethos of providing unparalleled training and business consulting services to the broader HR community that traverse a myriad of industries, is testament to the vision it upholds and we’re very proud that our very own National Manager for training, learning and development, Paula Bell for being recognized by the SABPP.

Paula received the award for her outstanding contribution towards digital learning practices for the Anglo American Zimele project where Summit is currently partnering with the Anglo team to upskill the youth within their areas of operation.

“Due to Covid-19 restrictions and to minimise face-to-face training and devise a method to deliver quick, robust and engaging content, digitally. Not only that, but we needed to do so for the mobile-first generation. To answer this call, we used the Summit FUSE LXP (learner experience platform) which is an interactive tool that allows our learners to engage more readily with the learning content, thus enriching their capacity to retain and use the information learnt. My role was to manage all the content, logical flow, animation and the structure for a smooth learner experience,” says Paula.

Whilst the global pandemic in 2020 put many industries and organisations on the back foot, some saw the opportunity to transform the way they were doing things in order to heed the call to go digital and address a wider market. Thankfully, the Summit team, led by MD, Matthew Lambert did just that.

“During the COVID lockdowns we needed to rethink, reimagine and reinvent not only our own business’ future, but the way in which we offered our services to our industry partners and clients. We anticipated many challenges especially around data costs for learners to access the digital learning platform, as well as determining how to provide each learner with their own mobile device in order to make accessibility easier,” said Matthew Lambert.

Paula’s achievement on behalf of the Summit team could not have been possible without foresight, professionalism and passion – everything that Summit espouses and which drives the continued innovations from a business making strides in an ever-evolving industry.

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