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Shining a Spotlight on Summit’s Women in Leadership

As we commemorate Women’s Month in South Africa, we take this opportunity to spotlight some of the extraordinary women at Summit, who have been shaping the corporate landscape with their determination and dedication. 

We’d like to introduce you to five of our incredible Summit ladies, gaining insight into their day-to-day activities, sources of inspiration, and the invaluable support they offer each other.

Meet Our Fantastic Summit Ladies:

Naveshnie Tikai – Senior Training Coordinator

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Naveshnie Tikai, our Senior Training Coordinator, is a dynamic force at Summit, ensuring that training programmes run smoothly and efficiently. Her day-to-day activities include managing logistics for various projects, ensuring trainers are well-prepared, and handling accommodations and travel arrangements. 

What keeps Naveshnie motivated is her passion for her job and her love for her colleagues. For Naveshnie, work is not just a job; it’s a happy place filled with challenges she wholeheartedly embraces. 

When asked about supporting women in the workplace, Naveshnie emphasises the need for continuous encouragement, inspiring fellow women to exceed expectations and soar to new heights of power.

Lerato Miza – Project Coordinator

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Lerato Miza, a Project Coordinator at Summit, is the link that connects clients, facilitators, and the operations manager. Her role involves compiling and submitting progress reports, making her a vital part of the team. 

At Summit, Lerato values the spirit of teamwork, where diverse characters blend harmoniously. She firmly believes that breaking the barriers of the “pull her down” syndrome – a way in which women diminish other women –  is crucial for empowering women to thrive and succeed. 

Lerato offers valuable advice to fellow women, encouraging them to apply themselves wholeheartedly, being a sponge that only absorbs good things. Her message is clear: Never underestimate your worth, and remember that embracing your imperfections is part of the journey to personal growth and success.

Zenzile Tshabalala – ETQA Coordinator

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As the ETQA Coordinator, Zenzile Tshabalala’s day-to-day activities involve meticulous management of applications, learner registration, and quality assurance for compliance. 

What motivates Zenzile is the knowledge that her work positively impacts the lives of many at Summit, changing them for the better. She emphasises the importance of celebrating each other’s success, complementing one another meaningfully, and “fix each other’s crowns when they’re not facing the correct direction”.

She encourages women to be passionate about the work they are doing; to stay focused on the goals they want to achieve; and to be a result of what they think they are, not a result of what other people think they are.

Khululiwe Nxumalo – Key Account Manager

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Khululiwe Nxumalo, our Key Account Manager, is critical in supporting existing key accounts across various units. Her responsibilities include preparing quotations, negotiating prices, and executing framework agreements. 

Khululiwe’s desire is to encourage women to support each other in order to break the workplace ceiling and overcome the challenges they may face. She believes that by actively supporting and advocating for each other’s ideas, achievements, and career advancements, they can foster an inclusive and supportive work environment where women can collectively challenge and dismantle barriers.

To stay inspired, Khululiwe connects her work to a larger purpose, recognising the positive impact her contributions have in the workplace and beyond. She believes in the power of women supporting each other through mentorship and sponsorship; and imparts invaluable advice to aspiring women in the business world: “Believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. Embrace your strengths, skills, and unique perspectives as valuable assets. Set clear and challenging goals, define your personal version of success, and create a roadmap to achieve it. Break your goals into manageable milestones to track your progress and keep your motivation soaring.”

Refilwe Malesa – Recruitment Manager

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Refilwe Malesa, our Recruitment Manager at Summit, is vital in connecting talents with opportunities. Her day-to-day activities include responding to client inquiries, stakeholder engagements, and coaching and mentoring her team. 

Refilwe emphasises the need for women to support and build each other, avoiding negativity and embracing empowerment. Motivating, encouraging, and celebrating each other, having an understanding that we are there to support and build and not break each other down.

Her message to her fellow women is to “be confident and believe in yourself, ask for help when you need it, work hard and be persistent, and have a purpose in life. Go out there and let your voice be heard, be open to learning new things and be open to criticism. While striving to climb the corporate ladder, don’t forget to have fun, take care and celebrate yourself.”

As we celebrate Women’s Month, we are proud to showcase the exceptional talents and achievements of our Summit ladies. These inspiring women exemplify dedication, passion, and resilience, driving the success of Summit and the industries they represent. 

Summit remains committed to empowering women internally and externally, providing equal opportunities, mentorship, and support. To all aspiring women in the business world, the message is clear: Believe in yourself, embrace challenges, and celebrate your unique strengths. Let us continue to support and uplift each other as we break the workplace ceiling and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future. Happy Women’s Month!