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Say YES to the potential of our youth

The YES initiative is driven by Government in a bid to address unemployment amidst black youth.  The initiative is breaking new ground by forging a partnership between government, labour and business in order to collectively tackle a national plan to build economic pathways for black youth.

When you participate in this initiative as a business, you can gain one or two levels on your BBBEE scorecard and with the latest amendments to the scorecard, especially in terms of Skills Development, this is a business imperative.

How SUMMIT can help you

  • Full turnkey solution with recruitment
  • Tracking your learners’ journeys throughout their training, within your organisation
  • Once-off management, evaluation and monitoring fee which can be claimed back in full
  • Loading learners onto the YES database
  • Equipping each learner with a phablet in order for them to access the YES4Youth App
  • The YES4Youth App gives each learner access to modules, declarations and assessments
  • Each learner can access the innovative SUMMIT learning eco-system which allows them access to additional programmes for self-learning

The benefits to your business speak for itself.  SUMMIT strives to walk a close journey with you in this regard and our consultants are acutely skilled to advise on regulations, compliance and mitigation in terms of potential risks to your business.

SUMMIT also assists your business to address scarce skills within your sector by providing relevant training and placement if you are not able to absorb the learner back into your workforce.

Our training covers the following sectors:

  • Food services
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Casino/Gaming
  • Health care
  • General management

Partner with SUMMIT Training to get on board with the YES initiative and propel your business forward.

Consider this if:

  • Your business only budgeted R55,000 per learner for the YES programme
  • If any of the afore-mentioned skills make sense in your business
  • You want to create profitable pipelines with the possibility of high turnover
  • Your business is able to absorb learners into your workforce