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Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Great Milestones

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s a moment of both reflection and anticipation here at Summit. This past year has been nothing short of spectacular, filled with key milestones and inspiring success stories that remind us of the profound impact of education and empowerment.

It’s been a remarkable journey, and we couldn’t have done it without your trust and support.

2023 Recap

Key milestones and achievements

A significant highlight of the year was our recognition at the W&R SETA GPA Awards, where we proudly took home the third prize in the category of Accredited Training Provider, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-quality training programmes. 

Another milestone we’re incredibly proud of is the placement of over 2,000 beneficiaries within our Anglo American Zimele Youth Development Programmes since its inception in 2020. This achievement is a testament to our joint dedication to empowering youth in our communities giving them the skills and opportunities they deserve. These young talents have embarked on a path that promises growth and a chance to forge their futures.

Client success stories 

What truly makes these milestones significant are the faces behind the achievements. One such inspiring story is that of Samba, a young man who was raised in the Ga-Pila village. At a certain point in his life, Samba found himself at a crossroads, searching for a path leading to a fulfilling career. That’s when Anglo American Zimele, in partnership with Summit, entered his life, giving him a newfound sense of direction. Samba’s journey began with our Table Attendant skills programme, focusing on food handling. Today, Samba is a proud member of the Silversea Cruises team, carving out a brighter future for himself and his family and discovering a renewed sense of purpose.

Seichokelo’s journey is equally inspiring. Her path from a small village to a career in the hospitality industry showcases the tangible impact of seizing opportunities and pursuing dreams. Through our Table Attendant skills programme, Seichokelo honed her skills and embarked on an adventure with Silversea Cruises. She now stands on the threshold of a promising adventure, thanks to the skills and opportunities she acquired through our programmes.

Adapting to emerging trends and innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate training, staying ahead of the curve is critical. We’ve witnessed the growing need from our clients for bespoke training interventions at scale and with swiftness. As a response, we’ve undergone a transformation of our own. One notable shift has been towards the adoption of Generative AI, a tool we’ve harnessed to expedite content development. This strategic move enables us to create unique, customised programmes in a matter of days, allowing us to serve your evolving needs even more effectively.

Key statistics

Numbers tell stories, and the ones we’re most proud of are those that signify meaningful change in people’s lives. In 2023, we trained over 8,000 employed and unemployed learners, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields. Through our Youthlink team, we placed over 2,000 learners in positions that promise growth and opportunity.

Through our programmes, we’ve seen lives changed, futures reshaped, and opportunities realised. These numbers represent more than statistics; they signify empowered lives and brighter futures. 

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we set our sights on 2024, we have ambitious goals in mind, but our pledge remains unwavering – to serve you better, to expand our reach, and to continue making a positive difference in more lives. Our focus is not on what we’ve accomplished but on what we can achieve together in the future.

Our goal for 2024 is to reach over 15,000 learners, expand our impact, and achieve a 70% placement rate, helping even more individuals find meaningful employment. Furthermore, we’re excited to launch the country’s most effective Learner Management Information System, tailored to the South African landscape, to enhance our offerings further.

2023 has been a year of growth, transformation, and inspiring journeys here at Summit, and we want to express our deepest gratitude for your contribution. As we embark on another year of shared success and meaningful impact, we are excited about the journey ahead. We look forward to the opportunities, challenges, and success stories that 2024 will undoubtedly bring.

Thank you for being a part of our story. 

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