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Online Training: How To Retain Productivity During Tough Times

With the spread of Covid-19 affecting everything from international travel to the availability of hand sanitiser, mitigating the risks associated with the spread of the virus has become a priority for all companies. As a result, many companies are mandating or recommending that employees work as remotely as possible until the virus can be slowed.

Working from home might be hugely appealing, but there are drawbacks that can add to poor productivity – things like distractions and isolation. Summit understands that it’s imperative for business to continue as ‘normally’ as possible in order to remain sustainable over the long-term and in doing so, maintain job security for its employees.

As such, Summit has taken the step to help companies develop the skills of their employees through education and training by invigorating thinking without hurting the expense lines of businesses which are currently under massive pressure.

We’d like to propose that your staff continue working remotely, but at the same time, there are tools that we’ve implemented to ensure that productivity and learning stay top-of-mind.

We understand that business needs all the help that it can get and we are here to assist.

We can help you upskill your staff remotely via our online training platform. All that is required is a subscription fee of R500 excl. VAT (per person) to cover the onboarding and annual fee cost for the platform.

Additionally, there are a few considerations:

  • Up to 200 employees – (minimum training number per a company of 50).
  • We will place them on our online learning platform in their own learning community.
  • You can upload your own content if you have a specific programme in mind, we will assist with this.
  • We build out the assessments for the programme into the online platform.
  • We allocate a facilitator to the programme to run the programme online or to support an internal facilitator.
  • We allocate a programme administrator and customer success manager for your training needs.
  • Webinar capabilities on the platform can deal with 300 learners in one learning session.
  • Build your portfolio of evidence online – ensuring where relevant training is accredited.

We encourage you to take the necessary steps to address skills development and training despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever before, the necessity to learn and equip ourselves with knowledge is incredibly important to be able to build a sustainable future for business and employees.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or to assist you to set up an online platform for training purposes. Contact us on or visit