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Learnerships The Answer To Fundamental Organizational Learning

Many organisations face unparalleled operational challenges that stem from a lack of productive and engaging employee learning practices that could be increasing ROI.

They are now wondering how they can navigate the radically changing business and skills environment. Learnerships form an integral part in any business and offers an approach that treats workforce development as a strategy for building worker and organizational resilience.

Managing Director of Summit, Matt Lambert says that countless organisations face the same problem globally.

“Businesses struggle to afford the necessary infrastructure and online learning platforms that would engage employees to the point of holistic learning. It’s not just about the learning system, but it can be content creation, distributing the content to relevant devices for employees to make use of the content etc. All of this requires substantial investment, and this is where our unique and blended approach to learnerships come in.”

What makes our learnership model stand out?

Learnerships bring a unique delivery model to the table. The learner or employee receives a smart device with data. This offers a mobile orientated learning experience to the learner that simplifies the flow of working and learning.

The other important aspect of the model is the commercial side. The key aspect of any learnership is to carry over skills and knowledge and to ensure that the learner is competent. The Summit commercial learnership model is directly linked to the success of the learner.

Learning is still the top-rated challenge for many organisations. Summit focuses on a system that invests not only in workers’ short, to mid-term skill requirements, but also in their long-term resilience by developing their capabilities as part of work and embracing a dynamic relationship with the organisation’s broader ecosystem. This can also help to build long-term organisational resilience.

How do learners remain engaged and interested on a learnership?

Mobile devices already take up so much of our lives, and to add learning to that space of interaction is the next step. The mechanism and the model enables the learner to be topical, the mobile learning platform enables learners to absorb information or content at relevant times when they are required to do so.

“Ultimately, we want learners to participate in social learning, it encourages learners to share what they’ve learned with other learners. It serves as an incentive by liking, sharing and informing other learners. Creating communities of learning is what we aim for, it’s very engaging. It sets a platform for students to communicate apart from interacting with their subject matter experts or facilitators.”

What’s in it for the employer?

A Summit learnership decreases the client’s risk through not paying for learners who are deemed unsuccessful during the learnership, which directly affects ROI.

“Ultimately as an organization and a learner, one of the biggest ROI elements to consider is that you both want to obtain that skill set. Having a more productive and fruitful workforce is required from them to grow their knowledge base and create a better future for themselves. We aim to create high levels of competency, which results in higher ROI.”

What are the key takeaways from this learnership?

  • The Summit model can accelerate the knowledge management strategy of your business.
  • Acceleration will translate into an edge over your competitors.
  • The Summit model can reduce the learnership tuition cost significantly more than a traditional learnership model.
  • The Summit model can reduce the opportunity cost of days out of the workplace.
  • The Summit model has the ability to place the organisation in a better cash position vs. the traditional learnership model.

The capabilities to change the business landscape within your organization is within your reach, it’s up to you to grab it. Give us a call to explore your options to create a purposeful strategy for change.