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Learnerships Are The Key To Optimising Employability

Unemployment is a massive challenge that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. With 55.75% of the country’s youth unemployed, more focus should be placed on how youth can enter the job market without a formal tertiary qualification to contribute positively to the country’s economy.

Now more than ever South Africa’s youth struggle to enter the job market due to low levels of education and a lack of work experience. Providing the right skills is fundamental to young people’s ability to compete for quality jobs.

Learnerships can be regarded as a holistic solution that provide a blend of theory and practical experience over a 12-month period, resulting in an accredited qualification and marketable skills that actively increase the opportunities for our youth and the unemployed to succeed and to move into the workforce.

Businesses should work together to give young learners, increased access to the training of portable skills, and learnerships are part of the solution to rectifying socio-economic inequalities.

The Summit training methodology addresses key trends, which has a massive impact on the resilience of the organisation.

The goal is to move from where you are today to the future state of an organisation, thus leveraging significantly from the fast-paced knowledge management strategy.

How can organisations find a way to navigate the radically changing business and skills’ environment?

We suggest an approach that treats workforce development as a strategy for building worker and organisational resilience – equipping workers, and thus the organisation, with the tools and strategies to adapt to a range of uncertain futures, in addition to reskilling them for more immediate needs.

At Summit we strive to implement three shifts that organisations need to build resilience:

1.            Building skills

2.            Developing workforce skills to master short term needs

3.            Focusing on formal training and traditional education methods

What is the role of learnerships in youth unemployment?

Learnerships promote access to education and training, as they allow members of the youth to work and get started on their careers while also studying for an educational qualification.

How do learnerships benefit the youth?

•             Learners may have better employment opportunities after completing a learnership;

•             Learnerships improve on job performance;

•             Learners obtain a nationally recognised qualification that is relevant to the sector;

•             You earn a learner allowance for the duration of the learnership.

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

We transformed our business approach and trained over 23 000 people across the hospitality, food services, retail, gaming, mining, and franchise operations.

Summit is a turnkey learning solutions provider, a consulting firm that hosts an award-winning content development house via the Fuse Learning Experience platform.

When companies partner with our team, they aim to solve challenges and shape the culture of the organisation to one of growth, discovery, and innovation.

With over 10 years’ experience, we never lose sight of our true north – consistently innovating to provide turnkey business solutions that drive results.

We aim to ultimately train 330 000 productive learners by 2024.

Learnerships are one of the most effective ways to achieve several business outcomes – raise your BBBEE score, upskill employees for enhanced business performance, and receive tax breaks.

During Youth Month, consider taking a step in the right direction to invest in learnership programmes for the youth in your area.

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