Keep calm and carry on with business – we have you ‘COVID’.

My hope is that you can trust me when I say that we’re in this together – with you and the rest of the businesses navigating unchartered territory towards a very uncertain future. COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop and challenged us to rethink our strategies and align our objectives in order to pave the way for business continuity.

So, what is Summit doing differently?

A few weeks ago I spoke about the impact that COVID-19 has had on Summit (you can reference back to that article, here) and how we’ve embarked on measures to do things differently. To date, this has not changed and we continue to undergo a level of metamorphosis in order to get ahead of the so-called curve.

It’s simple – business needs to focus on doing business and a key focus of that is compliance in terms of COVID-19 regulations. As employees across key sectors start returning to their workplaces, the impetus is on business leaders to ensure that not only are workplaces safe for employees, but that there is also careful consideration given to the wellbeing and mental capacity of said employees.

Compliance is time-consuming and let’s face the facts, there is no time to waste. Our economy depends on businesses returning to work and people resuming their duties. This is where Summit can step in. We have developed a toolkit that considers three elements which businesses may need in order to return to work and knock it out the park.

We remove the uncertainty around COVID-19 compliance through our framework that looks at:

  • Education and training
  • Templated SOP’s and;
  • Project management when and if needed.

Education and Training

We’ve drawn on our past strengths of developing relevant training programmes to address critical skills needed and, in this instance, our online programmes help employees to understand all there is to know about Coronovirus, COVID-19 and compliance. Possibly more important than that is addressing the wellbeing of people through our Resilience in the Workplace training programme that helps set people up to be in a sound mental space and better able to manage and process future setbacks. Additionally, all of our training in the toolkit that we’ve put together is accredited and goes towards skills development expenditure.

Templated SOP’s

Standard Operating Procedures are integral to businesses who are opening their doors to the public and employees returning after lockdown. As a business owner there are certain criteria that needs to be adhered to and met in order for your business to stay on the right side of the law. My team ensures that this can happen by providing you with the correct operating procedures and templates needed. We therefore offer a turnkey solution that also includes project management and even the deployment of PPE by roping in our industry partners where and if necessary.

Our primary objective through our own evolution as a company, is to also provide the same service to other companies who are starting to consider the future of their business. We’re available to guide and provide a robust solution for the challenges that we’re all facing.

But wait, there’s more

Through our sole license rights in Africa to the Fuse platform, we’re able to offer our entire toolkit online. This means that businesses and its employees are able to access all the requisite information, SOP templates and training anywhere and at any time for a nominal once-off fee or R3,950 excl. VAT.

The Summit Fuse Online Learner Experience Platform is a dynamic tool in the business’ arsenal and even allows for rapid deployment of information to and from other business units, as well as disseminating communication through the platform when and if needed.

I would love to help guide your business on a new path to success. Please contact me to take the conversation further and possibly set up some time to discuss your objectives. I can be reached on

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