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How L&D Can Help Shift Your Business

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$7.4 trillion.

That’s how much we’ll be spending globally on technology for digital transformation by 2022 according to the IDC. You might be wondering what this has to do with learning value. 

A lot, actually. 

The challenge is we don’t have the skills and aptitude to successfully support these digital transformations. In fact, according to The World Economic Forum, ‘more than half (54%) of all employees will require significant re-skilling by 2022’.

It’s little surprise then that according to Accenture, only 22% of companies see a return on their investment in digital transformation projects. 

So, it makes sense that up-skilling and developing employees is very high on the agenda of CEOs. 

This screams opportunity for L&D to contribute to business goals around digital transformation. And to demonstrate the value of that contribution to the business. 

To find out more about L&D teams can align with business objectives and demonstrate business value, we reached out to Laura Overton

Laura founded, and was CEO, at Towards Maturity, one of the world’s leading L&D insight and analytics companies. She’s an international speaker, author, facilitator and analyst. And since 2004, she’s authored and co-authored over 70 major research reports and has written over 300 articles around the topic of how learning delivers business value. 

Laura recently joined us on a webinar and in this episode you’ll hear the recording of that conversation.  

Key takeaways from the conversation with Laura:

  • [Laura Overton 6:00] “It’s not just about saving money, but how we impact results, how we do things like reduce the attrition rates, maybe build up skills from the inside of our organisation as well. And I think these are the things that we need to be thinking about in terms of our value and our successes.”
  • [Laura Overton 9:00] “I’ve seen evidence that learning and development can really deliver strong bottom line value, incredible value, back into the organisation. I think one of the challenges is that we feel that rather than being that diamond, that precious gem, often we see ourselves as more of a piece of coal.”
  • [Laura Overton 22:00] “Nearly all of us wants to improve performance and all of us want to be able to equip our organisation to be able to respond faster to change, and be able to articulate and analyse learning impact. And yet less than a quarter of us are or really feel that we’re being successful at this.”
  • [Laura Overton 26:15] “There’s this concept of having more of a growth mindset, in terms of thinking about business value. And this is quite tough, because we want to build curiosity. We want to build growth mindsets in our learners and our users. But I believe this is something that we also need to do for ourselves.”

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