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How can you leverage digital learning for your business

Making the switch from face-to-face training to digital learning may seem daunting. Particularly for those companies who find themselves in a different operating environment after COVID-19 hit. This doesn’t need to be complicated and creating a sound digital learning strategy can hugely benefit your business.

It can be surprisingly easy to make the switch and we’re here to help.

With our digital learning platform, you’re able to achieve your strategic training goals by aligning your people with our accredited training programmes.

We are able to offer this service to you via our exclusive licensing rights in Africa to the Summit Fuse learner experience platform (LXP). The LXP is a new learning ecosystem that Summit introduced a few months ago in an effort to digitally transform the learning experience for users on the go. It provides a learner-centric user experience by adopting an application-based approach in a completely customizable learning platform.

This means that any content that pertains specifically to your company, can be hosted on the platform, therefore it can change and adapt with your business and become an invaluable too in the HR, as well as Learning and Development arsenal.

What are the benefits?

  • Manage costs by building on as your business needs change
  • Facilitate learning across geographies
  • Access a diverse variety of courses
  • Retain and grow your talented employees
  • Develop a culture of learning
  • Create custom content easily
  • Make informed decisions with real-time feedback
  • Track organizational learning more effectively

Digital learning is the future. Not only does it allow for knowledge transfer and learning in real-time, but it also allows for the personlisation of learning journeys for users.

How does it differ from a traditional LMS?

At first glance, an LXP can sound similar to a traditional LMS in that both are used to disseminate learning programmes and both fall within the ambit of driving new skills.

However, an LXP focuses on the learner and supporting their online learning experience. Content is succinct and easy to absorb and it can be delivered to any mobile device. Learner experience platforms such as the Summit Fuse LXP, can really propel an organisation’s training goals into the future – it’s been touted as one of the major trends in the future of learning and development across organisations and geographies.

Learning in the future will be about agility and self-directed learners will start to understand their own learning needs better which results in more inspired employees that can transfer their learning back into an organization – all-round, it’s a win-win.

This mobile orientated approach also makes it easy to deploy infrastructure that allows for zero rated learning. This ensures users don’t utilize their own data whilst accessing the platform or their virtual classroom sessions.

Contact the team at Summit about the LXP that has already helped other companies to propel their training strategies by making the digital leap.