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Equipping Leaders in Food Services Industry Through Summit’s Tailored Training Solutions

When it comes to the food services industry, training and development requires a holistic approach, recognising that each food services business is unique. 

Partnering with our clients, we begin by conducting a comprehensive needs analysis, delving into various aspects of their operations. This focused, on-the-ground process allows us to identify areas that require optimisation and improvements. With our tailor-made training solutions and deep expertise in the food services space, we enable you to overcome challenges, elevate customer experiences, and drive growth to your business’s full potential. 

A Case Story: McDonald’s Gold Standard Transformation

Consider our collaboration towards transformation with McDonald’s. Their pursuit of the “gold standard” of service wasn’t limited to their iconic golden arches; it extended to elevating the service experience for every guest. Summit became their chosen partner to develop and deliver a customer service gold training programme that encompassed over 500 staff across South Africa’s provinces.

In this endeavour, we didn’t merely offer training; we immersed ourselves in the McDonald’s culture. We spent time behind the counter and behind the scenes to truly understand their values, goals, and unique style of delivery. The result? Over 400 customer experience managers and store managers attended our guest service gold programme, translating into a resounding success.

Summit’s Offering to Food Services Companies

Summit’s commitment to the food services industry is multi-faceted. We recognise that your business faces a myriad of challenges, from optimising processes and ensuring food safety to enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction. Our solutions encompass:

  • Effective pricing models that guarantee a return on investment,
  • Scalability across multiple sites,
  • Improved food hygiene standards,
  • And elevated food production quality control systems.

Our tailored approach

Our approach to training revolves around your specific needs. We begin by conducting a comprehensive needs analysis, taking into account various facets of your business. This enables us to create a tailored training programme that aligns seamlessly with your goals.

By maximising budgets and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that your training investment delivers measurable returns. Our solution design is centred around customised learning experiences that resonate with your workforce, leading to improved skills, better productivity, and enhanced customer experiences.

Partnering for excellence

When you partner with Summit, you’re not just accessing training; you’re embracing a journey towards excellence. We provide ongoing support, monitoring, and analysis to fine-tune our programmes for your evolving needs. Our focus on customer service and building strong relationships means that we are more than just a training provider; we are your reliable partner in achieving food service excellence.

Our food services management training

Our commitment to excellence extends to our ETQA Department, which enhances the credibility of qualifications and supports the development of a skilled and competent workforce through SETA accreditation. 

For food services companies seeking SETA-accredited training, skills development training, and learnership training providers, we are confident in this realm of expertise and our ability to positively impact your business bottom line. Our comprehensive solutions cover all facets of your business, from efficiency and productivity to regulatory compliance and risk management.

As a business consultancy partner, we work closely with you to design, implement, and monitor training programmes that align with your objectives. Our aim is to elevate your staff’s skills, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate the quality of customer experiences. With Summit as your partner, you can navigate the complex world of food services with confidence, innovation, and success.

Become a Food Services Industry Leader!

Let us transform your food services business into an industry leader, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and capabilities you need to flourish. Experience growth, optimisation, and excellence in food services management when you partner with Summit.