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Empowering Retail Companies Through Summit’s Comprehensive Training Solutions

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying competitive and achieving success requires a well-equipped and skilled workforce. At Summit, we understand the unique challenges faced by retail companies, and we strive to offer customised and scalable end-to-end training solutions that drive optimisation, efficiency, and growth. As a leading provider of Seta-accredited training and accredited skills development solutions, we partner with retail companies to tap into their full potential and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Understanding Your Business Needs

At Summit, we believe in a holistic approach to training, starting with a thorough needs analysis to comprehend your business’s unique requirements. By maximising budgets to increase training return on investments (ROI), we create tailored learning solutions that align perfectly with your objectives.

A Case Story: Checkers’ Transformation

The challenge

A real-life example of our retail training expertise can be seen in our collaboration with Checkers. The supermarket chain had ambitious goals – they aimed to exceed customer expectations, maintain consistent quality, and improve food safety standards in their fresh food counters. To achieve this, they faced three key challenges: 

  • New recipes with high food preparation standards
  • Skilled and qualified staff
  • Customised training tailored to their team’s profiles and schedules

The tailored training solution

Summit responded with a bespoke training programme, developed as three-day modules, scheduled strategically during less busy periods in the Checkers stores. In a pilot project, 169 of Checkers’ fresh food staff enrolled in our two Gauteng campuses. Over twelve days of intensive kitchen training, coupled with a self-study RPL module, 147 staff members earned our Assistant Chef Skills certification.

Positive impact and unexpected benefits

The impact of our training was tangible and transformative. The trained staff demonstrated improved food hygiene standards and a renewed motivation to experiment with new recipes. The success of the pilot project led to its expansion across four additional provinces. As a delightful surprise, Checkers also experienced reduced food wastage due to the better-trained staff, leading to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

Our ongoing commitment

At Summit, we don’t stop at providing excellent training solutions; we continue to monitor, analyse, and improve our programmes to ensure continuous success for your business. With a focus on customer service and relationship building, we are dedicated to being your reliable partner in the journey towards excellence.

Our Retail Training Offerings

In today’s dynamic market, retail companies face many unique challenges. We understand those challenges and offer a range of customised, scalable training solutions tailored to address your specific needs. Our Seta-accredited training and accredited skills development solutions ensure your staff receives the essential skills and qualifications to excel in their roles. 

Partnering with Summit means accessing a dedicated team that takes a business consultancy approach, working closely with you to design and implement effective training programmes. We focus on easing the process of implementation and tracking while also assisting with recruiting People with Disabilities (PWD) learners to foster inclusivity in your workforce. Together, we can achieve your business goals, optimise efficiency, drive growth, and ensure regulatory compliance in the retail industry.

For retail companies seeking Seta-accredited training, skills development training, and learnership training providers, Summit stands out as a trusted and award-winning partner. We are passionate about empowering your workforce to achieve its fullest potential, and we invite you to partner with us to drive success, growth, and customer satisfaction in your retail business. 

Partner with an award-winning provider that offers customised, scalable end-to-end training solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. Together, let’s open the door to discovering the full potential of your retail business. Reach out!