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Developing Young People With A Sense Of Purpose

Youth development plays an integral part in helping the youth of South Africa succeed. The fact is skill shortages contribute greatly to the rising unemployment rate in our society. Summit aims to offer young people with demand led skills programmes and opportunities to change South Africa for the better.

Summit is a turnkey learning solutions provider, a consulting firm that offers a complete cycle of services that starts with recruitment, which leads to accredited training programmes and eventually results in in-demand job placements in various industries.

Summit recognises the powerful voice members of the youth have in their communities and strives to empower them with the tools to become responsible contributors to society.

Summit’s youth development projects aim to recruit members of the community, to upskill them and to create long-lasting employment opportunities. The goal of these initiatives are not just to equip beneficiaries with the tools to succeed in life, but to provide them with an objective, structured support base to be coached and we focus on increasing sustainable productivity and resources.

Essential upskilling with specific focus on each role within an organisation, considers three main factors, namely: training, support, and measurement. This includes proper mentorship for the world of work and preparation for interviews.

Successful upskilling should boost employability for participants and provide employers with motivated, trained, and supported individuals who understand and value their place in an organisation.

At Summit we value seeing the impact of our programmes on members of the community and their families.

Candy   Bosman (20) who stays in Kathy, in the  Northern Cape, completed a housekeeping skills training programme through one of Summit’s youth development projects for Anglo Zimele. Candy was very appreciative for the opportunity that she was given to her to acquire new skills and enticed her passion for the hospitality industry.  She took the initiative to apply at various hospitality schools to further her studies in hospitality. Summit now sponsors Candy to complete her Hotel Management Diploma at the International Hotel School.

“I now have a much better understanding of cleaning chemicals, hygiene and proper use of housekeeping machinery. I would definitely recommend this course to my peers and look forward to adding my certificate to my resumé,” Candy said.

Candy described the practical components of the course as the most beneficial part of the course, as she learned new skills by doing tasks herself.

The Anglo Zimele project in partnership with Summit is focused on recruiting, upskilling, and creating employment opportunities for unemployed youth within Anglo’s mining communities.

The aim of this partnership is to improve the livelihoods of young South Africans living in Anglo American’s host communities by providing them with relevant skills to enable them to take advantage of employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.

“Digitisation has been a huge contributing factor in assisting us to cope and adapt during the global   crisis. While the world changes rapidly, we are committed to look at innovative employment and skills development reforms that will need to support upskilling and reskilling in the post Covid-19 world,” says Matt Lambert, Managing Director of Summit. 

Gone are the days where distance and accessibility posed as problems. Summit in partnership with Anglo Zimele has seen that support can be reached with scale and impact through digitisation. Summit’s aim with these projects is to create accessibility for the youth to be inspired by role models   who started at grass roots and changed their lives and communities with the hope that they themselves will pay it forward for generations to come.

For more information on how you can partner with Summit to make a difference in young people’s lives, set up a meeting with us.  Link to the case study on our website