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Cultivating Choice, Experience, and Trust

We just lived through a market-shaping year; retail bankruptcies occurred during a time when others experienced record earnings.

Consumer behaviour changed overnight as health and safety concerns suddenly became a purchase driver, and we saw technological adaption in a matter of months that would normally have taken years to occur. Most of us in business agreed, that we aren’t going to let this crisis go to waste. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for organizations to transform their businesses and rewrite the rules of the industry.

To support your vision of providing innovative products and creative customer experience it is important to seek out digital-savvy talent to a larger extent, traditional retailers were caught off guard by pandemic-driven lockdowns, leaving business continuity in tatters.

As the industry regains momentum, retailers should look beyond on-premises talent plans, which are mostly suited for stores and warehouses, and recognize the talent needs of digital formats. More investments and incentives will likely be needed to attract digitally savvy, versatile talent, especially as competition for digital skills is already intense.

Working closely with the big retailers, we aim to solve challenges and shape the culture of the organisation to one of growth, discovery, and innovation. 

The Summit team is eager to speak to you to share our learnings in the past year within the retail industry and share our passion about learning and development and its broader impact on employee engagement – I think we came up with some innovative approaches.

Why don’t you see for yourself how we evolved and how we approach talent business needs?

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