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Combatting South Africa’s Youth Unemployment Rate: Collaboration with Anglo American Zimele and Silversea Cruises

Amidst the various challenges our country faces, including poverty, crime, social tension, and economic decline, it’s important to acknowledge the resilience and determination that prevails within our nation. As we celebrate Youth Month in South Africa, let us embrace the spirit of optimism and recognise the immense potential of our young generation. While youth unemployment continues to be a significant obstacle, it also serves as a catalyst for us to come together and forge a brighter future. According to the World Economic Forum, South Africa is projected to have the highest unemployment rate globally this year, estimated at 35.6%. Notably, the current youth unemployment rate stands at a concerning 61%, highlighting the urgent need to empower and uplift our youth through meaningful opportunities and support.

To combat these grim statistics, Summit –  alongside Anglo American Zimele – has collaborated with Silversea Cruises to provide promising employment opportunities for youth training in our hospitality and tourism programmes. Together, we hope to see unemployment, poverty and desperation as crises of the past.  

Summit, Anglo American Zimele and Silversea Cruises Collaboration

Youth unemployment has had a severe impact on the country’s economy, making initiatives like the Zimele Programme vital. We are seeking to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people who face significant barriers to entry into the workplace, and this is how…

Innovative approach to combat high unemployment rates in South Africa

The Zimele Programme is an Anglo American initiative that supports youth development and addresses high youth unemployment rates in the country. By providing young people with relevant skills to secure high-demand employment opportunities in the tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors, with the Zimele Programme, we seek to change the future of our country for the better.

Silversea Cruises is a leading luxury cruise line in several countries worldwide. As part of its commitment to making a positive impact in the countries where they operate, Silversea has partnered with Summit and Anglo American Zimele to offer employment opportunities to youths in South Africa. The partnership will potentially see Silversea Cruises employing 180 to 250 youths from Anglo American’s host communities in various hospitality and retail roles onboard its cruise ships.

In total, 1,316 beneficiaries have completed training as assistant chefs, table attendants, and assistant housekeepers. This is part of our hospitality and tourism programme rolled out at various host community sites for Platinum and Kumba Iron Ore in 2022.

The collaboration between Summit, Anglo American Zimele, and Silversea Cruises represents an innovative approach to addressing the high unemployment rates among the young population in South Africa. The initiative aims to contribute to economic growth in the communities where the recruits come from by reducing unemployment. 

The Future of the Zimele Programme

The Zimele Programme seeks to recruit and train a further 2,970 youths over the next four years.

Through this programme, we aim to improve the livelihoods of young South Africans in the large host communities by providing them with relevant skills to enable them to secure employment opportunities in the tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors. Recruitment and placement support into national and global companies and ongoing coaching and mentorship will continue to be provided.

Together with our partners, our hope is that the programme will provide a model for other businesses in the tourism and retail industry. We hope that others will follow in creating sustainable employment opportunities – nationally, internationally and regionally – and in promoting social inclusion.

Invest in an impactful youth development strategy today. 

As we celebrate Youth Month, our collaboration with Anglo American Zimele and Silversea Cruises is a significant step towards addressing the high unemployment rates among the young population in South Africa. 

However, there is still much work to be done, and more businesses in the tourism industry must follow Silversea’s example and create sustainable employment opportunities for young graduates. Let’s take action towards reducing unemployment and poverty in South Africa. Partner with Summit and make a difference in the lives of young people in our communities and the future of our country.