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Building Resilience for the Future: Think Beyond Reskilling

How can organisations find a way to navigate the radically changing business and skills’ environment? We suggest an approach that treats workforce development as a strategy for building employee and organisational resilience—equipping employees, and thus the organisation, with the tools and strategies to adapt to a range of uncertain futures, in addition to reskilling them for more immediate needs.

“The technological advancements do not create value for an organisation if not used to connect organisations, people and processes in new ways. The outcome of this interconnective approach must deliver: better business insights, customer experience and employee engagement.”

Master accelerating and enabling learning

Focus on employed staff – offering them employed learnerships, thereby creating value in this area by offering a solution that reaches the teams in the natural flow of work.

The training methodology would address key trends – as outlined in the Deloitte 2020 Human Capital Trend Report, which has a massive impact on the resilience of the organisation.

The goal is to move from WHERE YOU ARE TODAY to THE FUTURE STATE of an organisation, thus leveraging significantly from the fast-paced knowledge management strategy.

The goal is for Summit to partner clients in order to assist with key learning interventions that are already in implementation.

However, Summit’s partnership will super-charge the journey to a more resilient future.

Shaping an agile workforce through learnerships: the Summit way

  • Reduction in costs of learnership programmes with a better pricing and funding model that aligns with the Section 12H learnership tax incentive.
  • Reduction of 30% fewer days out of the office with a classroom-simulated environment using relevant technology.

How to achieve this better and faster?

  • A mobile device that can access learning platforms
  • A dedicated APN to ensure that learners can access monthly data purely for the consumption of the learning platforms, seamlessly and with little disruption to everyday life.
  • This includes our instructional designers who structure the learning material in rapid e-learning format.

The triad of solving the data, device and system issues to propel an organisation ahead of its competitors by ensuring practical, applicable knowledge that’s available for the right people.

Pivoting ahead

We believe that organisations may be ill-served by the prevalent approach to reskilling, which consists largely of attempting to precisely tally current skill-needs and prescribing discrete training programs to suit, and then doing it all over again once the organisation’s needs change. Instead, Summit focuses on a system that invests not only in workers’ short-to mid-term skill requirements, but also in their long-term resilience by developing their capabilities as part of work and embracing a dynamic relationship with the organisation’s broader ecosystem. This can also help to build long-term organisational resilience.

Contact Summit today for us to discuss with you how our learnership model can accelerate the knowledge management strategy of your business and how you can save 11% on the total training fee.

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