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Bespoke Training Solutions vs General Training: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Identifying the need to grow and upskill your staff is part of growing your strategic focus. Once you notice your employees need specific training, the next step is to research and consider what type of training is best suited for your business in general. You might think about important questions like, “How will training or upskilling my employees benefit my organisation?”, or “What kind of training is required to guarantee maximum results?”

Most training providers have a general set of training programmes or courses that will assist your employees with much-needed capabilities and skills that many companies or industries need.

Some universal skills like being a team player, working under pressure and thinking creatively must be learned and mastered in these areas and disputing their importance or relevance is unnecessary.

But have you considered whether the content, outcomes and activities are delivered within the context of real-life scenarios?

A customised training solution can be designed to suit your specific business requirements. This will provide opportunities for employees to tackle actual day-in-the-life business challenges and give decision-makers the required time to focus on solutions, all while developing, enhancing, and practicing fundamental skills.

The shift from general to customised training comes at a time when companies are focused on developing their talent more than ever. In today’s commoditized economy, a company’s culture and people are significant differentiators. Custom learning programs provide the perfect opportunity to define and build differentiation, as well as engage and support the most critical asset – its people.

Summit can apply a holistic view of your business and incorporate solutions across various departments, processes and systems within your business. The team at Summit, focus on increasing productivity and resources, and continuously monitor, analyse and improve on the process, this is what we do best.

In 2021, we are reframing the future to adapt to the new world of work and to cultivate a culture of proactiveness within every business. Are you ready to be proactive? Let’s set up an exploratory call to assist your business to look at the new world of training solutions.

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