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Are you worried about meeting your BBBEE Scorecard requirements for 2020?

There is no doubt that the South African economy has been seriously impacted by COVID-19 and businesses are fighting for to survive. The team at Summit understand the challenges that this has imposed and how BBBEE and Skills Development spends have taken a backseat.

Having said this, there have been no exemptions made with regards to BBBEE and companies are still expected to conduct their audits as planned.

This can pose additional pressure on any operation and it’s against this backdrop, that Summit is offering a discount on training for the month of June.

Furthermore, companies may be left with no choice but to impose Section 189’s and this could have a negative impact on their management control and workforce profiles. This presents a precarious dilemma for companies who are careful not to impact their BBBEE Scorecards.

Therefore, the alternative option is to book and pay for our blended or online training during the measurement periods but have the training occur after the restrictions of COVID-19 have been lifted. The spend will therefore count towards the measurement period in which it’s been paid.

Book your staff’s group training during June and train later. Groups larger than 12 people are eligible to receive a 15% discount for our online and blended training options.

We are offering a diverse array of accredited and non-accredited training programmes to ensure that you still meet your BBBEE Scorecard spend before your financial year end. In other words, your team is still required to train in order for your business to retain its BBBEE level, but if you book training in June, and are unable to train due to covid-19 restrictions that training spend with still be recognised in that measurement period.

In order to book your training, please contact us on: 064 528 4227 or

For further information about the impact of COVID-19 on BBBEE, please refer to the link below.